Mike Ranalletta is authorized by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to provide Plan Review and Post-Construction Inspection services as a Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) for both privately and publicly funded buildings, site improvements, and other facilities. Mike received certification in 1998 and began performing reviews and inspections in 2002.Mike’s combined 23 years in the architecture and construction industries along with his in-depth knowledge of the Texas Accessibility Standards provides valuable insight when consulting with design professionals and facility owners from schematic design to the final inspections of their project.  We maintain close communication with TDLR to obtain the most current rulings and interpretations so that we may act on behalf of our clients in researching questions regarding specific project issues. Consultation services are available upon request for ongoing assistance with a specific project. We also present seminars for clients on accessibility issues and on a variety of topics. Mike can also assist clients in pre-purchase due-diligence inspections of existing facilities to determine overall compliance with accessibility codes, including projects in states other than Texas.


INSPEC Accessibility Group provides our clients with accurate work, detailed reports, follow-up support, and prompt responses. Our turnaround time for plan review and inspection reports is 10 working days or less, and our follow-up responses are handled in the same manner. Fees for our plan review and inspection services are currently based on the total cost of the project.


Our goal for Plan Review services is to aid the owner in achieving full compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). Included in our standard services are:

  • Provide a thorough report with detailed comments on items which appear to be non-compliant with TAS. The results of the plan review report are delivered within 10 working days after receipt of the full submittal. If a quicker turnaround time for a plan review is required please contact Mike Ranalletta directly.

  • Communicate directly with the designer or owner during the plan review phase when a violation, that could adversely affect the project, is noted.

  • Respond to additional information submitted on the project that indicates corrective measures were taken on non-compliant items.



The goal for inspection services is to enable our clients to complete their projects in substantial compliance with 2012 TAS requirements. Included in our inspection services are the following:

  • On-site inspection of facilities at substantial completion performed at a time convenient for the owner. A preliminary inspection during rough-in is encouraged, upon request, at no additional charge. Fees may apply for projects that require travel beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  • A thorough report with detailed comments and photographs on items which appear to be non-compliant with the 2012 TAS.

  • Follow-up telephone conferences and electronic correspondence to facilitate the correction process and enable project approval in a timely and efficient manner.


  • INSPEC Accessibility Group offers accessibility consultation services for our clients on a case by case basis. These sessions can be project related or general topics relating to accessibility and can be a person-to-person meeting or over the phone.

  • INSPEC Accessibility Group offers due-diligence site surveys on facilities in Texas and the other 49 states and US territories, to determine compliance with state and federal accessibility codes, when a sale or remodel is pending.


  • INSPEC Accessibility Group can provide a TAS seminar, at a time convenient to your schedule, on specific topics which are of particular concern to your firm. Sessions may be customized to fit the needs of the client and vary in length from 1 to 2 hours. Attendees will be provided a certificate for 1 hour CEU for Barrier-free Design. Please note that because these services are tailored to meet specific requests, the types of presentations will vary and will be determined by prior arrangement.


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